2014 Proceedings

2014 Program

8:15-9:00 AM


9:00-9:05 AM


Merlin Lindemann, University of Kentucky

9:05-9:50 AM

Deliver the Promise: Design for the Next Generation of Agricultural Scientist Leaders

Bobby Moser, Vice President and Dean Emeritus, The Ohio State University

9:50-10:20 AM

A New Approach in Determining the Micromineral Needs of the Growing Pig

Don Mahan, The Ohio State University

10:20-10:50 AM


10:50-11:25 AM

Nutritional Value of Soybean Products

Hans Stein, University of Illinois

11:25 AM-12:00 PM

Soybean Meal and the Immune Response to PRRS Virus

Ryan Dilger, University of Illinois

12:00-1:00 PM


1:00-1:45 PM

Nutritional and Functional Properties of Fiber in Swine Diets

Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

1:45-2:15 PM

Effect of Decreasing Net Energy in Grow-Finish Diets With or Without Paylean

Brian Richert, Purdue University

2:15-2:45 PM


2:45-3:15 PM

Switching Feed Ingredients In/Out of Grow-Finish Diets

Dale Rozeboom, Michigan State University

3:15-4:00 PM

A Multidisciplinary, Multi-Site Study of Feed Efficiency in Swine: What Have We Learned?

John Patience, Iowa State University

4:00 PM

Closing Remarks