2013 Proceedings

2013 Program

Enriching People’s Lives: A 2013 Report on the Importance of Animal Source Foods

William Weldon, Elanco Animal Health

Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Arginine Supplementation of Piglets

Ferdinando N. Almeida, Caitlyn M. Getty, and Ryan N. Dilger, University of Illinois

Stage of Gestation and Sow Age have Dramatic Effects on Amino Acid Requirements

Ronald O. Ball and Soenke Moehn, University of Alberta

Management and Feeding of Group-Housed Gestation Sows

Lee J. Johnston and Yuzhi Li, University of Minnesota

Historical and Projected Climatic Changes in the Midwestern USA and Potential Impacts on Livestock Production Systems

Jeffrey A. Andresen, Michigan State University

Assessing the Energy Value of Corn Co-products

Jerry Shurson, Pedro Urriola, and Brian Kerr, University of Minnesota and USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment

Potential for Mannanase and Glucanase Enzymes in Swine Feeding Programs

Brian Richert, Scott Radcliffe, and Jon Ferrel, Purdue University and Elanco Animal Health

Copper Source and Concentration Effects on Intestinal Gene Expression and Mineral Balance in the Pig

Blaire Aldridge and Scott Radcliffe, Purdue University