2007 Proceedings

2007 Program

Animal sciences in academia: what does the future hold?

Robert Easter, University of Illinois

Managing grouped sows

Janeen Salak-Johnson and Stanley Curtis, University of Illinois

Are antioxidants associated with pig and sow mortalities?

Don Mahan, J. C. Peters, and Gretchen Hill, Ohio State University and Michigan State University

PCVAD: when immunology goes wrong, life on the farm becomes very expensive

Thomas Gillespie, Rensselaer Swine Services

Where are the ingredient and hog prices going in the coming months?

Ronald Plain, University of Missouri

Energy sources for pigs - how do we cope?

Merlin Lindemann, University of Kentucky

Feeding DDGS to pigs: what is new?

Hans Stein, University of Illinois

The impact of added diet fat on carcass fat quality

Heather White and Mickey Latour, Purdue University