2006 Proceedings

2006 Program

World pig production, opportunity or threat?

Donald E. Orr and Vingran Shen, JBS United, Inc.

Nutrient-gene interactions: Practical implications

Scott Radcliffe, Purdue University

The changing mineral status of high reproducing sows -- What are their needs and when are the critical periods?

Don Mahan, The Ohio State University

Corn and soybeans: What’s here? What’s coming?

Daniel B. Jones, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Biosecurity? – Current and emerging threats to commercial animal production

Robert A. Norton Auburn University

Will nutrition and management stop hemorrhagic bowel syndrome? A veterinarian’s perspective

William L. Hollis, Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd.

DDG/S production: Present and future

Mathew L. Gibson and Kip Karges, Dakota Gold Marketing

DDGS: Energy and nutrient content and digestibility

Hans Stein, University of Illinois