2005 Proceedings

2005 Program

In honor of the retirement of Dr. Tilford R. Cline

Nutritional concerns as view by the feed industry

Jack Kelley, Land O'Lakes, Purina Feeds

Nutritional concerns as view by a swine veterinarian

Karen Lehe, Wolcott Veterinary Clinic

Update on current issues of importance for feed manufacturers

Steve Traylor, Kentucky Department of Agriculture

Amino acid nutrition of swine: fifteen vexatious questions

David Baker, University of Illinois

Modeling calcium and phosphorus requirements for growing and finishing pigs

Allen Pettey, California Polytechnic University

Host and intestinal microbiota negotiations in the context of animal growth efficiency

Rex Gaskins, University of Illinois

The emerging picture of diet effects on gastro-intestinal microbial populations

Jim Pettigrew, University of Illinois

Dietary fiber for sows

Joe Crenshaw, American Protein Corporations

Organic and inorganic copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium

Gretchen Hill, Michigan State University

Organic selenium fed to swine - its potential impact on human health issues

Don Mahan, Ohio State University