2004 Proceedings

2004 Program

Feeding the modern sown - do we really know how?

Don Mahan, Ohio State University

Energy systems for swine: NE vs. ME

John Patience, Prairie Swine Center

Update on acidification of pig starters

Scott Radcliff, Purdue University

High quality protein sources for young pigs

Tip Cline, Purdue University

Feeding considerations for wean-to-finish systems

Brad Wolter, The Maschhoffs

Role of adipocytes in energy regulation

Mike Spurlock, Purdue University

Nutrition and health of swine

Rod Johnson, University of Illinois

Identifying the limiting amino acids in complex and cereal grain-based diets to minimize nitrogen excretion

Gary Cromwell, University of Kentucky

Phytase in diets and phosphorus movement in soils

Brad Joern, Purdue University

Nutrition and air quality

Alan Sutton, Purdue University