2002 Proceedings

2002 Program

Nutritional problems encountered in the field by a practicing swine veterinarian

Larry Rueff, Swine Veterinary Services

New developments regarding the pig's need for vitamins E, A, and C

Don Mahan, Ohio State University

High levels of B-vitamins - do they help?

Tilford Cline and Brandon Hill, Purdue University

Nutrition and pork quality

Mike Ellis and Floyd McKeith, University of Illinois

Effects of HACCP regulations in the feed manufacturing business

Wesley Osburn, Michigan State University

Overview of proposed federal environmental regulations for concentrated animal feeding operations

Richard Coffey, University of Kentucky

Modifying diets to reduce odors

Alan Sutton, Purdue University

Impacts of genetically modified, low-phytate corn and soybean meal and transgenic pigs possessing salivary phytase on phosphorus excretion

Gary Cromwell, University of Kentucky

Effect of feeding strategies on nutrient excretion with manure and performance of grower-finishing pigs

C.F.M. de Lange, University of Guelph

Mass balance

Gretchen Hill, Michigan State University