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2019 Program

Midwest Swine Nutrition Conference

September 4, 2019

8:15     Registration

9:00     Welcome – Dennis Liptrap, Ralco Nutrition

9:05     Food for Norway Program – Biotechnology Processing to Develop Novel Feed Ingredients from Land and Sea.  Margareth Overland – Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Arboretveien, As. Norway

9:50     Update on Amino Acids in High Fiber Diets: Threonine and Branch Chain Amino Acids.  Hans Stein – University of Illinois

10:25   Break

11:00   The Role of Fiber in the Regulation in the Regulation of Brain Function: Implication for Welfare and Appetite Regulation in the Pig.  Kola Ajuwon –Purdue University

11:30   Mushroom Products in Nursery Pig and Sow Diets.  Brian Richert – Purdue University

12:00   Lunch

1:00     Update from Washington D.C. Lowell Randel – The Randel Group

1:45     Nutritional Impacts on Brain Development: Impacts on Pig Production.  Ryan Dilger – University of Illinois

2:20     Break

2:50     Controlling and Predicting the Impact of Swine Microbiomes on Gut Health and Nutrition.   Tim Johnson – Purdue University

3:25     Variability in Organ Weights, Intestinal Length and Volume in Pigs from Prenatal to 150 kg.   Merlin Lindemann – University of Kentucky

4:00     Closing Remarks